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Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium + Gel

Rechargeable sculpting device

Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium + Gel

Rechargeable sculpting device

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  • Harnesses a range of anti-ageing technologies
  • Encourages healthy skin
  • Lifts and tones the complexion
  • Sculpts your contours
  • Suitable for use on the face and neck
  • Rechargeable device

2 year warranty Official Dr Arrivo Retailer
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Get salon-worthy results at home with Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium, a cordless device that let’s you tone and tighten your complexion anywhere and anytime.

The device energises your facial muscles with its powerful MFIP6 technology, which combines EMS, Ultra Pulse and Mid/High Frequency to sculpt the contours of your face, stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin.

The results? A plumper, tighter and more youthful-looking complexion.

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  • Miss Arrivo Ghost Premium

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The device harnesses MFIP6 technology, which is a medium frequency intermittent pulse that gently heats the skin, to tone and tighten your complexion. The technology also mimics the tapping treatment and acupressure performed by an esthetician in salons.

The technology is made up of Insert Pulse, which infuses your skincare deeper into your skin, delivering a painless electric pulse to maximise their ingredients.

EMS technology works by gently energising the facial muscles as you move the device over the skin, toning and tightening your complexion for a more youthful appearance.


The device harnesses blue, red and green LED light to tackle breakouts, age spots and also stimulates the natural production of collagen. Skin will appear smoother, clearer and plumper after each use.

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