Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief (60ml)

Intensive 7-in-1 hydrating mask

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    • Combines 4 different moisturising formulas
    • Additional balancing, nourishing and healing complex
    • Heals acne, rosacea, dehydration, sun damage, inflammation and more
    • Non-GMO and no animal by-products
    • For all genders, skin types and tones
    • Use weekly post-cleansing for 10-15 minutes

    Over 10,000 Pietro Simone products sold worldwide Official Pietro Simone Retailer

    Unsere Expertenmeinung...

    Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief is working overtime to heal your skin. With a stunning 7-blend formula, it hydrates four ways and then adds extra balancing, regeneration and nourishment on top. Pop it on after cleansing & exfoliating to let the Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief go to work on acne, dehydration, sun exposure, inflammation and rosacea for an even, balanced complexion.

    Try it as an overnight mask for intensive healing or just top up your skin's barrier each week with a standard 10-15 mask session. Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief is perfect for skin of any age, gender, type or tone.

    And it doesn't contain any GMOs, animal products or other nasties. Just apply a few pumps with your fingers to your neck, chest and face. At 60ml, pack it in your carry on for a luxurious in-flight skincare session you'll not be able to live without.


    • Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief 60ml

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    why it works

    Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief has a lot going for it (ingredient-wise that is). First, there are FOUR different hydrating complexes in this little bottle. Then, there's a herb blend to balance your skin barrier and an avocado oil blend for nourishment.

    Lastly, Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief has the skin healing Italian Bella Complex the whole line of Fierce Skincare products is known for, adding that extra regenerative effect. Use it once a week after cleansing for a simple routine skincare mask or really go deep and try the Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief as an overnight mask.

    The Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief is designed to reduce inflammation, fight acne and redness and hydrate the skin for a bouncy, plump complexion.

    it's as simple as

    Step 1: Use after cleansing and/or exfoliating.

    Step 2: Pop 2-3 pumps on your fingertips.

    Step 3: Smooth on your neck, chest and face.

    Step 4: Leave on for 10-15 minutes or overnight.

    Step 5: Rinse with warm water.

    make it personal

    Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief is an inherently personal treatment depending on your skin needs. Just topping up your skin barrier as part of your regular weekly routine? Apply the Pietro Simone Hydrator In Chief for 10-15 minutes then rinse off.

    Need something more intense? Use it as an overnight mask and remove it with warm water in the morning. Dreading long-haul skin dehydration? Take it with you on holiday for rescue treatment.

    Additional Information


    A mild redness can occur due to the action of the active ingredients.

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