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Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device

Curve-hugging automatic full-body exfoliator & cleanser

Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device

Curve-hugging automatic full-body exfoliator & cleanser

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  • Exfoliating body brush removes dead skin cells for better product absorption
  • Cleansing pads remove dirt, oils and makeup for fresh skin
  • 98% of users were satisfied with their results after just one treatment
  • Easy snap on and snap off exfoliating brush pads
  • Safe and pain-free; brush stops if you press too hard
  • Use for around 3 minutes a day; as needed

2 Year Warranty Official Sensica Retailer

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The Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device is a full-body exfoliator brush. Its clever snap on and off pads are easy to change and clean. And each pad uses Adapt2Uâ„¢ technology to mould to every curve and inch of your body for the perfect clean & scrub.

You can't push too hard either. Its skin-safe sensor will turn off the Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device if you press down too much. It's totally foolproof.

With three brush kits to choose from, you'll have the right face exfoliator brush, body exfoliator tool or foot exfoliator pad for every treatment.

Use once a day for three minutes or as needed to unlock glowing skin. Your skin will absorb more skincare product, look bouncier and feel smoother in just one treatment. Maintain weekly treatments to enhance your results.

Was ist in der Box?

  • Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device
  • Sensica Sensismooth Cleanse Pad Kit
  • Sensica Sensismooth Exfoliate Pad Kit
  • Sensica Sensismooth Pedicure Pad Kit
  • USB charging cable
  • User Manual

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why it works

Skincare should adapt to you. That's why the Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device is so clever. Its Adapt2Uâ„¢ technology makes sure that you can get into the nooks and crannies of those hard to reach places on your body like your elbows and ankles.

Plus with the three different pad kits for cleansing, exfoliating and pedicure; you'll have the right tool for each skincare job. Just pop on the head and choose from the two speeds.

The Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device uses tried and trusted techniques of cleansing and exfoliation to help you lift more oil, dirt, product and dead skin cells off your skin than with manual cleansing alone.

The vibrations and swirling movements help to break up even stubborn, long-wear makeup for a clean skin finish for your favourite serums, lotions and creams. In just 3 minutes per area, enjoy better-looking skin every day.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Snap on the right Sensica Sensismooth head for your treatment.

Step 2: Choose your speed and swirl over skin in a continuous glide. Use a cleanser with the face pads.

Step 3: Clean the pad with soap and water. Let it air dry, then store away.

make it personal

The Sensica Sensismooth Whole-Body Exfoliator Device has many different pads to choose from and they come in 3 distinct pad kits. Pick the right one for your skin concerns from:

Cleanse Pad Kit – Removes makeup, oils, products and dirt from skin for a fresh, clean finish.

Pedicure Pad Kit – Use on calloused foot skin to remove dry, rough or flaky patches for soft feet.

Exfoliate Pad Kit – Glide over your body to enhance circulation, remove dead skin cells and offer better absorption of skincare products.

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