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Silk'n Jewel HPL Haarentfernungsgerät

Intelligente Haarentferung

Bewertet mit 4.0 von 5
1 Erfahrung

Silk'n Jewel HPL Haarentfernungsgerät

Intelligente Haarentferung

Bewertet mit 4.0 von 5
1 Erfahrung
10900 13500

Normaler Preis 109,00€ 135,00€

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  • Kompaktes, handliches Design
  • 5 Leistungseinstellung mit automatischem Impulssystem
  • 150.000 Lichtimpulse
  • Bis zu 92% dauerhafte Haarreduktion
  • Eingebauter Hautfarbdetektor personalisiert Ihre Behandlung
  • Geeignet für Körper, Bikinizone und Achselhöhlen

Unsere Expertenmeinung...

The Silk'n Jewel is the definition of a smart hair removal device. A more efficient solution than others, its automated pulse system speeds up your hair removal sessions. Only upon contact with your skin, the Silk'n Jewel emits a light flash to your skin. No continuous button-pressing necessary so you can glide over large areas or treat small areas. It also has a built-in Skin Colour Detector that analyses the colour of your skin. If your skin tone is too dark, it won't give off light pulses at a high level. And what's more, its free downloadable app helps you to keep track of your treatment plan. As well as ensuring you don't miss a session, you can confer with the app for all your questions too.

Was ist in der Box?

  • Silk'n Jewel 150,000Gerät
  • Stromkabel
  • 2 Jahresgarantie
  • Bedienanleitung
  • DE - EU stecker

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5 Power Levels

The Silk'n Jewel has five power settings that work with the automated pulse system. Each power level links to the frequency of the Home Pulsed Light (HPL). Level 1 is the lowest power level of HPL and is suitable for using on your skin after tanning. It gives off one light pulse per second. This is the fastest level. The higher the power level, the more effective your hair removal treatment is. Setting the Silk'n Jewel to level 5 means the device will give off one light pulse every 3.5 seconds. For the best result, this is the recommended setting. Boasting over 150,000 light pulses, the Silk'n Jewel can work on multiple areas like your bikini line or underarms, and has a treatment area of 3 cm. With this many light pulses, you don't have the expense of replacement cartridges.

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1 Erfahrung
Bewertet mit 4 von 5
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HPL hair removal

Difficult to product review at such an early stage, it arrived in excellent condition in timescale required. Will review once the recipient has had the 120 day trial. Thanks

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