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SQOOM xCential Cleanser 50ml

Luxury skincare

SQOOM xCential Cleanser 50ml

Luxury skincare


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  • Designed to use with the SQOOM device
  • Brings out your natural radiance
  • Cools and soothes the skin
  • Enriched with powerful nutrients
  • Boosts your skin's elasticity
  • Protects your skin

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Unsere Expertenmeinung...

The SQOOM cleanser disinfects the skin and has a gently cooling effect. Aloe vera gel moisturises the skin while panthenol and chamomile extract have a soothing effect. They influence the bacteria flora and ensure beneficial conditions for the skin friendly micro organisms.

When the skin is cleansed deep down into the pores and all of the keratin, sebum and other products resulting from the breakdown of the skin have been removed, the valuable active substances in the SQOOM xCential hyaGel can penetrate into the lower layers of the skin.

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  • SQOOM xCential Cleanser 50ml

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Amazing Ingredients

The SQOOM cleanserGel only includes natural raw materials that clean your skin deeply and at the same time make it elastic and smooth.

  • Aloe vera gel: Moisture source and skin-tightening. Has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • D-Panthenol: Inflammation reduction and improves the protective function of the skin.

  • Kamillenextrakt: Includes skin-tightening and skin-inflammation diminishing tannins.

  • Glycerin: Moisture source, provides a pleasant and soft feeling.

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