Talika Legs Tonic

Lighter, Toned Legs

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    • Reduces swelling up to 4 times
    • Improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage
    • Visible results in just 20 minutes
    • Powered with Electrical Stimulator technology
    • 32 intensity levels
    • Designed for use on lower legs

    2-Jahres-Garantie Offizieller Talika Händler

    Unsere Expertenmeinung...

    Swollen and tired legs can stem from many factors, from sedentary days and warm climates to smoking and excess water retention.

    Using the same electrical muscle stimulation as used by athletes, this streamlined battery-operated device is simple to use.

    With just a short treatment time, Legs Tonic can provide a quick daily alternative to nutritional supplements, gels and exercises, providing visible and fast results.

    The design is compact and portable, providing instant relief in the office, after a long flight or when relaxing at home.


    • Talika Legs Tonic Device
    • 2 Adhesive Electrode Patches
    • 1 x AAA Battery
    • 2 Year Guarantee

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    durchschnittliche Bewertung 4.1 out of 5
    Basierend auf 7 Rezensionen
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    86% der Rezensenten würden dieses Produkt einem Freund empfehlen
    7 Rezensionen
    Bewertet durch Janine B.
    Ich empfehle dieses Produkt
    Mit 5 von 5 bewertet
    Rezension veröffentlicht

    Improved circulation

    I've become quite conscious about the fact that the majority of time I spend my time seated, so I was looking for a device that would bring some much needed circulation to my legs apart from general exercise. The device is super easy to use and you do feel a slight tingling whilst you use it. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their leg circulation.

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    Bewertet durch Sumayyah H.
    Ich empfehle dieses Produkt
    Mit 5 von 5 bewertet
    Rezension veröffentlicht

    Swelling went down after first use!

    I brought this as I had a swollen ankle and pain with discomfort in my calf. I used this and the discomfort stopped and the swelling went down a couple of hours after use. I was shocked! I wish this device did both legs at once. Doing lots of exercise now to maintain the results and have this device if I get that kind of swelling again. Money well spent.

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    Bewertet durch Chris
    Ich empfehle dieses Produkt
    Mit 4 von 5 bewertet
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    Good addition to help with leg fatigue post running.

    I've been training for a marathon and as I ramp up the bigger runs, been really struggling with leg fatigue and recovery runs. I've been using for the last couple of weeks, post run, 20 mins per leg treatment.

    Definitely helped that next day leg stiffness- helped bring my rest days down.

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    Bewertet durch Louise
    Ich empfehle dieses Produkt
    Mit 4 von 5 bewertet
    Rezension veröffentlicht

    Neat little gadget

    Quick delivery as ever! Upon receiving and opening the device, it was nice to note the addition of a little travel bag as I work away a fair bit. Device itself very easy to set up albeit found the adherence a little fiddly for the first time. I found by 2nd use, by pressing in the middle then both ends of the pads hard, it made the correct contact. I probably expected too much from first use and should know that real benefits are seen over time so I pushed aside the immediate disappointment that my leg didn't look significantly more toned! Let's face it, you don't lift a barbell and come out with Michelle Obama arms in 1 session! So I persevered and found I started to look forward to my daily mini massage and then when I stopped over analysing the effects, i actually did notice it working! I prefer to use in quite a high setting and my legs actually do feel a little lighter from each use. Pros: easy to find time as I do it last thing whilst reading or watching tv (find its best when I have my legs up rather than standing doing cooking!!), nice massage effect, legs do feel less tired...but big bonus is I have actually lost 1.5cm from each calf in a couple of weeks!! Cons: bit fiddly first time round and pad replacement could prove a little costly over time (although significantly cheaper than a massage).

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    Bewertet durch Julie
    Ich kann dieses Produkt nicht empfehlen
    Mit 2 von 5 bewertet
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    Not for me

    I suffer with restless legs, lots of nerve problems and many episodes of cramp, so I thought this is the magical product I have been looking for. Unfortunately just after it arrived I was unable to use it as I had severe problems with my back and right leg and could not even walk.

    After a few weeks once this felt easier I decided to try out the Talika Legs Tonic after all if this product did work for me then I might not get into the state I was in previously. The product comes in a well presented box, so would look good as a present. I am sorry to say it has not helped me at all. I have been using it for 8 days.

    You are supposed to see visible results within 20 minutes but my legs looked the same. The one thing I do not have problems with is swelling of the legs, so I am unable to comment if it works for this. The machine works on the lower leg and I found it similar to a tens machine. It works by using electric impulses and has an impressive 32 levels, so you can pick the best for you. You can use it, sitting down, standing up or lying down. So it could be useful at work or on a plane journey, much more comfortable then flight stockings!

    It is very easy to use. I would suggest before use you it that you read the instruction manual which is very easy to follow. It is quite a small machine and very light so you could take this away with you. It comes with a little pouch to put it in.

    Even though this was not the product for me it just might be what you have been waiting…

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    CurrentBody DE

    Hi Julie, Thank you for your Legs Tonic review. This device has been specifically designed to help reduce swelling in the legs. As you mentioned you didn't suffer from this problem, we wouldn't expect you to have seen any visible results in terms of the size of your legs. However, it is still a valid solution to boost circulation when you have been in a sedentary position for a prolonged period.