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Lora DiCarlo Carezza

Unique pinpoint stimulation clitoral massager

Lora DiCarlo Carezza

Unique pinpoint stimulation clitoral massager

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  • Harnesses PercussionTouch technology which mimics human touch
  • Delivers stimulation to the clitoris and other erogenous zones
  • 10 intensity settings
  • Made from soft-touch, medical-grade silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • Rechargeable via magnetic charging

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Unsere Expertenmeinung...

Harnessing patent-pending PercussionTouch technology, Carezza is a whole new pleasure experience. Delivering a sensation like no other, Carezza mimics the touch of a finger pulsating on your clitoris - or any other areas you want to stimulate.

With 10 intensity settings, this palm-fit device lets you experiment with light tapping to more intense sensations. It has a completely unique pinpoint stimulation too which hits the spot every time - thanks to clever microrobotics engineering.

Was ist in der Box?

  • Lora Dicarlo Carezza
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual

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Cleverly engineered microrobotics make Carezza truly unique, mimicking the touch of a fingertip. Start slow with intensity level 1, then build up the intensity all the way to 10 if you want - exploring different placements to find what’s right for you.

At its highest intensity, Carezza builds to an intense vibration - but in a completely different way to any other types of stimulation.


Step 1: Apply a water-based lubricant to Carezza.

Step 2: Turn on Carezza using the power button, then press the + button on the bottom.

Step 3: Explore the different speeds and sensations by pressing the + and - buttons.

Step 4: Press the power button to turn Carezza off.

Step 5: Clean and dry before storing.


To ensure Carezza doesn’t turn on at an inappropriate time, such as during travel, you can enable product lock. To activate, press and hold the power button and the - button.

Carezza is waterproof and made from medical-grade silicone, meaning it’s really easy to clean after each use.


Carezza has been designed by a team of experts combining their skills in robotic engineering, industrial design, and technical design to create high-tech, premium stimulators.

Their innovations are backed by extensive research data, and are coupled with user-friendly, beautiful designs. Lora DiCarlo aim to be inclusive of all anatomies and empower you to keep exploring your sexual wellbeing.

Additional Information

Total Height: 4.19in

Total Height: 4.19in

Total Width: 1.9in

Stimulation Point Height: .47in

Stimulation Point Width: .3in

Charging: Magnetic USB-C

Waterproof: Yes. IP7 passed

Material: Soft-touch, medical grade silicone and ABS plastic

Always clean Carezza with mild soap and water or a purpose-made, silicone-safe cleanser before and after each use. Carezza is waterproof so you can run it under the faucet or fully submerge it for thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean inside the clitoral mouth as well using a finger, soft cloth, or cotton swab. Wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth and store in a cool, dry location.

Use only water-based lubricants and personal moisturizers, as oil or silicone-based formulas can damage the materials and reduce the lifespan of your device.

NOTE:Do not boil, microware, or run through a dishwasher or sterilizer, as extreme heat and harsh detergents can damage the product. Do not use silicone, alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic, or alkaline-based products on Carezza as it can damage the product materials.

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