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SIXPAD Absfit 2

Tone your core

SIXPAD Absfit 2

Tone your core

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Die Beauty-Ger�te Experten

Was Sie Wissen Sollten

  • Effectively tones the abdominal area
  • EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device
  • 23-minute treatment time
  • Uses 20hz to signal the muscle to contract and relax
  • 1 - 20 power levels
  • Connects to an app on your phone so you can track your results

Unsere Expertenmeinung...

Struggling to tone your abdominal area? Firm up those stubborn areas and accelerate your ab workout with the SIXPAD Absfit 2.

Ultising effective EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), the device is designed to help your dormant muscles to contract and relax. The result? A significantly more toned stomach area without spending hours in the gym.

Was ist in der Box?

  • SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 unit
  • SIXPAD Abs Fit gel sheets
  • SIXPAD Abs Fit storage board
  • SIXPAD Abs Fit storage case
  • UK AC mains charger
  • Support belts
  • Instruction manual and warranty

Sie brauchen Hilfe?
Mehr Über CurrentBody

CMM pulse core technology

Designed for efficient and effective body toning, SIXPAD harness EMS (electrical muscle stimulation technology) at the optimal frequency of 20hz and combines it with Christiano Ronaldo’s 23-minute training method, meaning the body you’ve always wanted is just within reach.

This specific type of EMS is known as the brand’s patented CMM Pulse Core Technology and has revolutionised the way athletes train and build muscle.

How exactly does it work?

Your muscles are made up of tiny fibres, often referred to as slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscles.

Fast-twitch muscles are the ones which are relatively easy to build whilst training. However, they require lots of consistent training with a heavy load, meaning you’ll need to train extremely hard to achieve the results you want.

EMS technology is designed to allow you to work your fast-twitch muscle fibres even under a light load.

Normal exercise only uses around 30% of muscle fibres, leaving the other 70% dormant. SIXPAD works to stimulate those dormant muscles, making it easier to change the physical appearance of your muscles.

Designed for efficiency

The device is installed with a 23-minute training programme. Designed together with Professor Toshio Moritani (a driving authority in the field of sports science) and Christiano Ronaldo, the programme is designed to gradually increase in intensity as you move through the workout.

With 1 - 20 different power levels, you can work your way through the intensity levels gradually building up as you get stronger.

Track your progress

Designed to connect to an app, the device allows you to track your progress on your phone.

Here you can view, track and save your historic training results, plus receive tips and advice to help you stay motivated.

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